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US FINTECH Company Poised for Dramatic Growth Amid Recent Partnership Deal Connected to Uber & Lyft

Today Uber officially announced their ambition to file a S-1 registration statement with the SEC with the aim of raising a significant amount of money in an initial public offering (IPO). Now, both DriveShare heavyweights – Uber & Lyft – will go head to head as both companies will be putting out their respective IPO’s […]

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Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GBHL) Seeks Redemption on its Flag Ship App.

Global Entertainment Holdings Inc. (OTC: GBHL) (“Company”), last updated (2018) shareholders regarding their recent activities and progress with two of their important projects, You Got The Part! (YGTP) and our Hollywood “Classics” library. As stated previous, GBHL should have its flagship project, “You Got The Part” completed and ready to roll out during the first […]