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Swaziland Minister of Commerce Industry and Trade Supports Medicinal Cannabis Legislation

Aurora Cannabis Might make a push to increase their stake in various African Countries.

On Sunday, one of our readers was sent a newspaper article from “The Times of Swaziland” Sunday article special, that interviews the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade. The interview outlines the governments plan to push forward with the legalization of Medical cannabis, in order to boost their economy. Cannabis giants such as Aurora Cannabis, has signified intentions to increase their exposure in Africa; now with this new shift in government policy, analysts are expect more cannabis countries will be looking at various regions in Africa to expand into.

Aurora Cannabis and their Operations in SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa, with a population of approximately 57 million, recently approved the home use of Cannabis following a constitutional legal challenge, and is expected to implement broader legislation to legalize medical and adult consumer use. The Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CanniMed, had signed an agreement with Akula Trading Pty Ltd to supply product for the South African market. Aurora has been working with Akula in preparation for the commencement of legalized sales in South Africa, which are anticipated for 2019.

Swaziland, via CNNmoney, stated, 
The continent’s last absolute monarchy is plagued by poverty, but boasts an abundance of marijuana.
Prominent public figures have suggested using the cannabis crop to boost the economy,including Swaziland’s housing and development minister, while the national commissioner of police has called for a study.
The Swazi House of Assembly has now appointed a committee to explore the possibility of legalization, according to recent reports.
However, similar proposals have been discussed for several years without moving forward, and police continue to make regular arrests for cultivation of marijuana.

Thanks to our readers, we were sent a copy of the newspaper which you can read below. In a recent CNN special, Africa’s weed race? Zimbabwe second country to legalize medicinal marijuana  various African governments have started to push to full legalization due to the economic testing in Zimbabwe. These tests showed that with just a small test in growing Cannabis, economic health increased substantially, and further strengthened by the near perfect climate in African countries for growing Cannabis.

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