Report: Colorado Cannabis Company Launches Industry First Liqueur Flavored CBD Product.

Colorado Company (CBD of Denver, INC), trading under the ticker CBDD, just launched their first market place store with their first line of CBD products. Catching the attention of Cannabis Stock pundits is not the launch of the companies first product line, but rather the breakthrough product it represents. Apparently, these products are the first to feature a liqueur flavored CBD extract, as seen by the first products put out for sale. Former Bio-Tech, Turned CBD Producer and Manufacturer, CBD of Denver (CBDD) was recently granted a company name change by the SEC, as it is positioning itself to enter the CBD/Cannabis industry with a line of new CBD products. Their products are now for sale on,

CBDD First CBD Offering:

Recently the company announced their are in a position of high financial health, and therefore decided to no conduct a reverse stock split, to the pleasure of their shareholders.

CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD) is pleased to announce that the company will not be conducting a reverse stock split of CBDD common stock in the foreseeable future.

The company was recently granted an official name and symbol change, allowing them to push forward with their transition into the CBD industry. Nicholas Sprung, CEO of CBDD stated, “I am pleased to announce, in response to shareholder inquiries, CBD of Denver, Inc. does not anticipate a reverse stock split in the foreseeable future.” Now that our name change is complete, our focus is to increase Revenues, Profitability and enhance value for all our Shareholders. CBD of Denver is aiming to take full advantage of all opportunities made possible by the company’s recent transition into the CBD industry.

Now, with the launch of their first CBD product, analysts are suggesting it will trade near some of its more direct competitors, in the $0.01 to $.025 price range, due to the relatively small trading float, and high prospect of revenues due to these industry first CBD products.

WCG expanded,

…..We don’t see why CBDD can’t trade in the mid to high .02’s. For now, we shall wait and see how their sales do from their first offering.

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