Report: CBD Not Strong Enough to be Effective Alone in Variety of Medical Conditions in Children.

Two new studies out of the USA and Amsterdam (Universiteit van Amsterdam: Startpagina) has shown that CBD is unable to adequately combat major CNS disorders in Children, including major seizure disorders such as Polymicrogyria. However the study adds to the current literature that CBD is effective, the studies reveal that children bodies are too adaptive, and over time, CBD simply loses it effectiveness compared to THC. One exmaple was Polymicrogyria, which impacts brain development and causes multiple seizures in specifically in children everyday.

Two years ago, one family started giving a young boy with Polymicrogyria CBD oil. It reduced the number of seizures TJ was having from 20 to just two.

“His speech improved when he started taking CBD oil,” said Holly Ramsey, TJ’s mother. “There hasn’t been any downside. Not like the anti-epileptic drugs, which control mood, they can cause depression. They can cause anger. They almost all cause sleepiness. Some of them can cause problems with their cognition. Those are all of the effects that people associate with marijuana that actually doesn’t exist when it’s taken in small doses in order to help these medical conditions.”

Since starting CBD, TJ has grown to have a tolerance for it. He’s back up to about seven seizures every day.

The family is not activly pushing legislatures in the USA to make the final push towards legalization.

“It could be,” she said. “From what we’ve discovered from using the CBD oil is that the oil itself is just part of the plant. And the more of the turpentine that you have from the plant, the more effect that the plant can have on the body. So, THC is one of the components of the plant, where we’ve discovered can help children with strong epilepsy.”

State Senator Steve Dickerson has already said he plans to bring another medical cannabis bill to the legislature in 2019. Further, congressman Earl Blumenauer’s “blueprint” to legalize marijuana also calls for the federal government to provide medical marijuana for veterans, more equitable taxation for marijuana businesses and rolling back federal prohibitions on marijuana research, among other things.

“We have elected the most pro-cannabis Congress in history and more important, some of the people who were roadblocks to our work … are gone,”

Conducted by Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) in co-operation with Bedrocan International, the study involving the pharmaceutical-grade cannabis provided by the company further found “cannabis flos with only cannabidiol (CBD) did not provide the patients with relief.”

The research involved a total of 20 patients treated at four distinct moments, as well as the administration of three different cannabis products provided by Bedrocan and placebo (cannabis without the main active substances THC and CBD) by a vaporizer.

“The outcome is very important for patients who suffer from fibromyalgia. Now we have the serious clinical evidence that medical doctors are asking for when prescribing our products and that health insurance companies want to have, to legitimize reimbursement,”

What does this mean for the main players in the THC industry?

Earlier this year, Canopy reached a deal with Constellation Brands (STZ) for a $4 billion investment, giving it a massive infusion of capital. And last month, Canopy Growth agreed to acquire Ebbu, a hemp research and development company. Canopy, at that time, also said that Ebbu’s advancements on R&D “apply directly to Canopy Growth’s hemp and THC-rich cannabis genetic breeding program and its cannabis-infused beverage capabilities.”

From this, many analysts are suggesting that the marijuana and hemp powerhouses are posturing to trademark their CBD products now that Donald Trump has signed the bill. One emerging Cannabis company has possibly found a way past this. Profile Solutions Inc (OTC:PSIQ)instead has purchased one of the most well known brands in the Cannabis industry, that of Cheech & Chong Product Line. While these are currently only mens grooming products, they are already trade marked. Now, when their large scale growing operation goes operational (See Here), they will only have to put the CBD products under the banner of Cheech and Chong, and thus it would be trade marked.

Aphria announced Wednesday it has struck a deal with Insumos Medicos to provide the Paraguayan pharmaceutical company with medical-grade cannabis, the first such deal in the country. Paraguay will become Aphria’s third market in Latin America, following Argentina and Colombia, which follows PSIQ’s expansion into Latin America.

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