Cannabis Company Buys Cheech and Chong Rights, and Comments on Recent Farm Bill.

It was recently announced that a company by the name of Profile Solutions Inc. (OTC:PSIQ) has acquired distribution rights for the Cheech and Chongmen’s grooming product line. The products are hemp-based, which is very on brand for them, and the line consists of a 3-in-1 body wash (which can also be used in a beard), and two different beard oils, one for growing and one for smoothing. Profile Solutions Inc. will sell these products at brick and mortar locations in the United States and Israel, as well as online.

Just this morning, the company made an announcement regarding the signing of the much anticipated hemp farm bill of 2018, 

Profile Solutions Inc is very excited by the passing of the 2018 hemp Farm Bill as this signifies the “first step” towards our major US and global expansion. $PSIQ plans to be a among the global leaders in the Cannabis industry, and this farm bill allows us to begin.

Press Release this morning signifies expansion amid the passage of the hemp bill of 2018, with a signed agreement to produce and sell a hemp infused soap line, along with their own line of cheech and chong products.

PSIQ Executes Agreement with Saboneto Soap Company, Amid Farm Bill, to Exclusively Produce PSIQ’s Hemp Infused Organic Soap with Dead Sea Salts

This comes after the company (PSIQ) announces their products, including the new Cheech and Chong products, are now available on Amazon.com, a major milestone for the company.

Company CEO Dan Oran had this to say in a statement.

Whats more interesting is the possibility now that PSIQ might be involved with Cheech and Chong in a new movie deal.

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