TNW Exclusive Corporate Statement Regarding Walmart deal from CEO of InnerScope Hearing Tech. Now eyeing deals with Target and CVS.

Many traders were pleasantly surprised when InnerScope Technologies (OTC:INND) announced an exclusive Walmart deal, and even more surprised when INND followed that up by announcing two new acquisitions, and over 1 million dollars in a court settlement. However, there appears to be come confusion what this Walmart deal actually means. After speaking with the CEO of INND, Matthew Moore, we are confident most traders do not quite understand the significance of this Walmart deal, and its not what it seems. Its actually better. Much better.

Most traders are under the assumption that the Walmart deal is a simple “marketplace” placement, such as getting on the Amazon Marketplace. We wanted to get clarification on this, so we contact INND headquarters to get a statement from the CEO. Here is what he had to say about the Walmart deal, and what it actually means to investors.

InnerScope’s &’s Co-op Marketing Program (“Marketing Partnership”) means under direction together we are ensuring that all of InnerScope’s Hearing Products are aways positioned as the featured Hearing Aids and Hearing Products with its own separate webpage on  

Unlike Walmart’s marketplace or even Amazon’s marketplace, InnerScope’s Hearing aids and Hearing Product listed on are “Owed” by and per agreement with, InnerScope directing ships it’s Hearing Aids and Hearing Products’s customer. 

We are just in the beginning stages in our Marketing Partnership with We look forward in building a hearing awareness campaign featuring our affordable Hearing Aids and Hearing Products on, with the end results of selling thousands or even millions of devices per year. 

Mr. Moore went on further to comment on who they are targeting next for additonal partnerships, similar to the Walmart deal.

Currently, we are working on deals with Target, CVS, and a few others to work out an exclusive deal where they own our products for sale and thus have control over the sale of our items, similar to the Walmart deal we are very happy about.



Matthew Moore

CEO and Co-Founder

InnerScope Hearing Technologies

Stock Symbol: INND

Corporate Website:

E-Commerce Website:

2151 Professional Drive, 2nd Floor

Roseville, CA., 95661


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