(OTC:INND) Alpha 5 Hearing Aid Now For Sale at WalMart.com

The ALPHA 5 hearing aid has a digital processor that consists of 12-channels and 16-frequency bands with 5 separated user programs. The ALPHA 5 is suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss and includes an Automatic Intelligent Switching for Different Environments, Advanced Instantaneous Noise and Surround Sound Processor. The APLHA 5 and its Advanced features are designed for more active lifestyles that requires hearing in many different environments. Click Here for the link to Walmart.com’s Alpha 5 page. 

Walmart.com will be able to offer for sale InnerScopes’s FDA-Registered ALPHA Digital Hearing Aid Series with Bluetooth and a Smart Control App in 3 levels of technology based on affordability and hearing needs. The ALPHA’s Series are receiver-in-canals (RICs) hearing aids with a very small discreet and comfortable compact design with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology (for direct connection to external Bluetooth-enable devices) with a user app for added user control and personalizing the hearing aid devices for all different environments via Android or iOS Smartphones.



CEO, Matthew Moore…


“We were excited when Walmart.com contacted us and wanted to be a retailer for all of InnerScope’s hearing products,”

We signed the supplier agreement as Walmart.com’s direct ship vendor in the U.S. for all of our hearing products and we are very pleased to have forge this new supplier relationship with an American company like Wal-Mart and Walmart.com. We know our affordable high-quality hearing products will be well represented online by Walmart.com. We our expecting great success and a long-term relationship with Walmart.com as a retail partner and we are looking forward to extending InnerScope’s hearing products to Wal-Mart’s brick and Mortar Stores,


Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/innerscope-hearing-technologies-inc-signs-124500696.html

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