This weeks feature looks are what many analysts are calling a “major sprinter” in the above $.01 price level market. American Premium Water Corp (OTC:HIPH) takes out spot this week for its near perfect technical setup, along with its recent shift into CBD infused water. With celebrity recognition, this CBD water is not a “gimmick” like a great number of recent CBD infused products. In face, HIPH even featured their CBD water at the Superbowl (2018). Let’s take a look at the company, any why it took our weekly spotlight featured Stock.

Key Highlights

  • Creates Blockchain Advisory Board to Pursue Blockchain Acquisitions
  • First to launch, with 100% market share – hydrogen infused CBD water
  • 1,134% increase in sales over its previous quarter 2017 and 80% reduction in debt
  • Looking to raise non-toxic capital
  • International distribution agreement
  • Distribution in General Nutrition Center (NYSE: GNC)
  • Superbowl Exposure
  • New Purchase Orders

First off, entrance into Blockchain. This reasons to increase the value of the company significantly, as it continues to grow its CBD infused water. With numerous celebrity connections and its entrance into the fashion and blockchain world brings, HIPH stands to record significant revenue increases over the next few months. 

“After months of work, I am excited to announce that the Company has completed the transaction to acquire the license and operating rights to FashionCoinX. This is a significant deal for the Company. This acquisition is in line with the strategy that I outlined earlier this year, focusing on strategic M&A that increases shareholder value and topline growth. A lot of companies have nefariously used acquisitions in the blockchain or crypto space to the detriment of their companies. We are not Long Island Tea. FashionCoinX gives the Company the ability to work and collaborate with many great fashion brands.” commented Ryan Fishoff, CEO American Premium Water Corporation

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy. NFL legend Clinton Portis, WWE (NYSE: WWE) Superstar Mojo Rawley, and others also joined with HIPH in celebration of the brands and newly released products.

Perhaps most significant, HIPH’s large pre-purchase orders. Analysts agree, this will be reflected as multiple 100% increases in revenue.

American Premium Water Corporation (HIPH) (“APWC”) announced that it has received in excess of a couple hundred thousand dollars in wholesale pre-orders for its LALPINA Hydrogen CBD product. The Company’s product is a front runner in the space as the only hydrogen infused CBD beverage available on the market. The CBD prototype debuted this past January.  Based on overwhelming interest, the Company has started exploratory conversations about forming a JV to create a THC-infused hydrogen beverage to be sold in states where cannabis is legal.

HIPH has also signed an agreement with health store juggernaut, GNC.

GNC is key account for us going forward, and I’m happy that we can include them in our initial rollout of LALPINA Hydrogen. I am confident that the product will be well received in these two locations and this will open the door for other locations across the Los Angeles area, California, and other states and cities nationwide. I’ve always viewed GNC as the standard for health supplements and nutrition, and I’m pleased that LALPINA Hydrogen will be side by side with other leading nutritional products.”

Technically, all of analysts agree its primed and ready for a breakout, with indicators pointing towards a test of the previous high of $0.10. Taken together, all 3 analysts agree HIPH will see significant PPS increases over the coming weeks.










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