(OTC:CRSM) CarSmartt.com App :: The “Bitcoin Meets Uber” Stock is Making Headlines

Today we feature CarSmartt Inc, a mobile car app that creates a connection between Uber and Bitcoin. CarSmartt Inc. is a revolutionary new APP for smartphones and PC aptly named CarSmartt.com. Car Smartt is a ride sharing concept designed to make long distance traveling safer and more affordable, while connecting with people along the way.

This enters two very unique markets, that of the Block chain tech market, as well as the mobile car service app market. Interestingly, CarSmartt bridges the gap between these two markets with the sharing characteristic that makes long distance travel more affordable to the mobile user.

The chart paints the same picture, with an obvious landing towards the bottom B-Band, with the CCI entering -100 again (trend up), and the FullSTOCH showing a crossover in the over-sold region. This chart suggests an increase in PPS.

And finally,

Palo Alto,CA. — May 15, 2018 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — today CarSmartt®, (USOTC:CRSM), the President Roy Capasso, is pleased to announce the Mining Boys, Inc. facility in Georgia has completed its first phase of the expansion of its electrical capacity. It has completed the installation of 12 electrical panels with approximately 200 Amps. This will allow the Company to host approximately 300 Miners and he reports the second phase of the Electrical work has begun with the installation of a new transformer with the capacity of 1,500 KVA to be supply by the local electrical company. This will provide an additional 4000 Amps to host approximately 500 additional Servers.

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