Trader Newswire Exclusive Interview :: Day Trader, “ProfitTradeRoom”

Today we sit down to chat with “ProfitTradeRoom” of to see what makes him a successful trader in today’s markets.


Twitter: @ProfitTradeRoom

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today. First off, would you mind telling us how you got started in trading stocks?

I’ve been trading for 17+ years. Before stock market I was trading FOREX accounts for a group of high net worth clients so expanding into markets where money can be made easier got me into trading stocks.

How about scans? Do you use any?

Yes sometimes but we have about 500 members trading in out chat room looking at different parts of market so if there is a movement which we can profit on you can be sure it’s mentioned in chat room on time at the start of the move. No software can get you better scanning results than 500 pairs of eyes.

Can you tell us what type of thing you look for when trying to find a good ticker?

Mostly price action in combination with our strategy. Once it’s a good fit in our criteria it’s alerted to buy so we can profit.

Who would you recommend to follow for tickers that may help others?


Any advice for young traders just getting started who aspire to get to where you are today?

Consistency, Patience, Discipline and you’ll get there. Forget about one big overnight win which will make you rich fast. It’s about many small/normal/safe wins that make you wealthy over period of time.

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