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(OTC:CRSM) App :: The “Bitcoin Meets Uber” Stock is Making Headlines

Today we feature CarSmartt Inc, a mobile car app that creates a connection between Uber and Bitcoin. CarSmartt Inc. is a revolutionary new APP for smartphones and PC aptly named Car Smartt is a ride sharing concept designed to make long distance traveling safer and more affordable, while connecting with people along the way. This […]


Trader Newswire Exclusive Interview :: Day Trader, “ProfitTradeRoom”

Today we sit down to chat with “ProfitTradeRoom” of to see what makes him a successful trader in today’s markets. Web: Twitter: @ProfitTradeRoom Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today. First off, would you mind telling us how you got started in trading stocks? I’ve been trading for 17+ […]


Trader Newswire Exclusive Interview :: Day Trader, Shortsqueezed

Shortsqueezed was able to give us at Trader Newswire a few minutes of his time to gain some insight into what makes him a great trader. You can also follow him on Twitter HERE  First off, what got you into trading stocks? I had received one of those emails years ago of How to get […]